Gallery of Galleries

These are examples of current photo/image gallery pages. All are driven by PHP and a MySQL database. All are administered by the client through a password-protected form available from any Internet connected computer. Admin area allows for file upload; adding/editing title, caption, custom text; moving and deleting gallery items.

All can be customized to a clients particular needs, especially in regard to style, colors, sizes, and text-fields associated with each image/item. Client only needs to upload full-size image as the server scripts automatically create the thumbnails on-the-fly.

Scrapbook Style Conventional with full-size images; multi-page.
Thumbnails with Overlay Thumbnails only displayed; clicking thumbnail draws overlay (image and captions.) Very cool!
Thumbnails with Overlay and Next/Previous As above, but with next/previous navigation within overlay.
Thumbnails with Overlay of Slideshow of Single Item As above, but image is a slideshow (example not database driven.)
Intended for multiple views of a single item, not a slideshow of gallery.
Thumbnails & Enlarged Image Thumbnails and the enlarged image are viewable on the same page.
Thumbnails & Enlarged Slideshow As above, but with slideshow instead of individual image. (Again, note the slideshow is not connected to the database in this prototype.)
Note: many other display options are available, including gallery slideshows.