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websiteCOPILOT Features.

All Dynamic Content Features are integrated into and styled for your site.

You enter your information using simple, easy to use forms on your own password protected administration pages.

You may have the following dynamic features adapted to your specific use, however, many more custom features are available via site designs by austin78704.com.

  • Personal Blog or Travel Diary
    • The Autopilot adds the date and sorts the entries.
    • The latest entry is always displayed at the top.
    • Enter, edit or delete blog entries at your convenience, 24 hours a day.
  • News/Announcements Page
    • You can choose to have the entry date included in the news item or not, as you wish.
    • Each item is displayed with the most recent at the top.
    • Enter, edit or delete news items or announcements at your convenience, 24 hours a day.
  • Effective-Date Announcement Banner
    • Specify the date on which the announcement will begin to show.
    • Specify a date after which the announcement will no longer show.
    • Many eye-catching colors, fonts and styles to choose from.
    • Update your announcement at your convenience, 24 hours a day.
  • Mailing List
    • Custom Sign-up form on your web site for subscribers.
    • Subscribers confirm their email address using link in confirmation email.
    • Message sent in both HTML and plain text, so everyone can read it.
    • Subscribers can unsubscribe anytime using link added to every message.
    • No advertising as on those free lists and groups.
    • Customized Header and/or Footer that gets added to every message.
    • Admin pages include
      • Immediate Subscribe or Unsubscribe
      • Compose, Confirm, then Send Message
      • You can send a test message to a single address first.
      • View Subscriber List & Total Number of Subscribers
        (sorted by name, email or time subscribed)
  • Scrapbook/Photo/Gallery Pages
    • Great for artists and photographers!
    • You can upload your image files and delete old ones.
    • Add, Rearrange or Remove photos from your Scrapbook.
    • You can add title and description to each individual photo.
    • Supports multiple pages.
    • New Display Options - See a few examples.
  • Freeform Pages/Text Areas
    • Edit and update text areas or entire pages on your site.
    • Great for personal or band biographies, links page, articles, stories, etc.
    • You can have one or multiple text areas on a single page.
    • New pages and areas need to be configured by the copilot before use.
  • Online Store - Using PayPal Shopping Cart.
    • Add and Remove Items
    • Change prices and descriptions at will.
    • Include photo of item
    • You can create/rename/delete "Shops" within your Store to organize your products
  • Musicians Performance Schedule
    • Automatic Pilot sorts the dates so your next gig is always listed first.
    • Previous gigs are either automatically moved to a separate section or deleted, as you wish.
    • An autoMarquee can be placed on your home page to automatically headline your next few gigs.
    • You can enter a hyper-link for the venue, plus details such as location, time, special guests, etc.
    • Enter, edit or delete gigs at your convenience, 24 hours a day.
  • Venue Performance Schedule
    • Automatic Pilot sorts the dates so your next show is always listed first.
    • Each show can feature two acts; each with their own link and details or description. You can have multiple shows per day, if needed.
    • Previous shows are automatically removed to keep your site fresh.
    • An autoMarquee can be placed on your home page to automatically headline your next show.
    • You can enter hyper-links for the performers' web sites, plus details such as time, cover charge or other specifics.
    • Enter, edit or delete show listings at your convenience, 24 hours a day.
  • Custom Features Available - just ask.
  • More features to come


Note: websiteCOPILOT(SM) is premium service only available to clients hosting their web sites through austin78704.com (SM).

websiteCOPILOT can be integrated into new sites, sites previously designed by Bill Groll, and in many cases your current site can be adapted to websiteCOPILOT technology regardless of who originally created it.

websiteCOPILOT and austin78704 are Service Marks of William K. Groll

This is Wednesday the 19th of February 2020

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