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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions.

Even if you are not interested in updating your data yourself, you may be interested in using these dynamic features, because many of them operate by autoPILOT.

  • What are the requirements for websiteCOPILOT?
    • Your web site must be hosted by websiteCOPILOT, because the functionality resides on the web server, not the visitors' desktop - that's what provides the awesome power to these features.
    • To administer your site, edit and update your information, javascript must be enabled on your browser.
  • What browsers are supported?
    • websiteCOPILOT pages display and function on every browser.
    • Administrative tools work in all recent versions of all the major browsers: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Mozilla, Opera, and Safari on PCs and Macs. Although there may be some minor features not supported by the last two.
  • Can I make changes at anytime?
    • Yes, anytime, anywhere, at your convenience, 24 hours a day.
    • Your information can be created, updated and deleted.
  • What if I'm away from my computer?
    • You can access your administrative area from any computer anywhere in the world that is connected to the Internet.
    • If you are not on your own computer, be sure to close (quit) the browser window when you finish so no one else can sneak in.
  • What if I want the autoPILOT features, but do not have time to make the updates myself? Can you do it?
    • Your copilot is ready and willing to help you out any day. Simply email or phone your needs.
  • How safe is my site from hackers?
    • You enter and update your data from your own password protected administration area. Nowhere on the Internet is guaranteed safe, but as long as you protect your username and password, no one should be able to get into it except you and your copilot.
    • If you are not on your own computer, be sure to close (quit) the browser window when you finish to prevent someone else refreshing your password. You should do this every time you use a public computer no matter which sites you access.
    • You may request a new username and/or password from your copilot at anytime, but this is not an automated process and requires human intervention.
  • Speaking of security, how safe is my information?
    • The site structure, design and style, and any content provided by the designer is saved in a "mirror" in our office. This data is backed up every night.
    • Most all of the information you enter via your websiteCOPILOT administration area is stored in a MySQL database on the server. The database is backed up every night.
    • All data is additionally backed up every other day by the data center professionals who are on duty 24 hours a day monitoring the system.
    • Data on the server is stored in a Redundant Disc Array which is very reliable.
    • The data center has an excellent record, however, you are ultimately responsible to preserve your data. The server may sustain damage after you update your site and before the data center's next scheduled backup - the likelihood of this is remote, but you should keep a copy of your info and especially your photos.
    • Note that the photos you upload may be resized, so keep your original files safe.
    • websiteCOPILOT, austin78704, or your copilot will take every precaution to protect your information, but we cannot be responsible for your data.
  • Anything Else?
    • This FAQ only covers the dynamic features presented by websiteCOPILOT. Many more custom features are available to your site though the designs created by austin78704.com.
    • Don't see what you need? Just ask.
    • You may also request that the 3rd party WebCalendar be installed on your site. This full featured graphical calendar has many useful features. Although the program will be loaded on your site and connected to its underlying database at your request, websiteCOPILOT does not provide support for this program. This is one case where you will be flying solo.


Note: websiteCOPILOT(SM) is premium service only available to clients hosting their web sites through austin78704.com (SM).

websiteCOPILOT can be integrated into new sites, sites previously designed by Bill Groll, and in many cases your current site can be adapted to websiteCOPILOT technology regardless of who originally created it.

websiteCOPILOT and austin78704 are Service Marks of William K. Groll

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