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Climb into the pilot's seat of your own web site, but don't fly solo... have an experienced websiteCOPILOT at your side.

Add exciting features to your site where you control the information, yet have it blend seamlessly into a custom styled site.

The advantages of do-it-yourself updates in your own professionally designed, personalized site. No generic templates to restrict your creativity.

Dynamic Content Features allow you to enter, update and delete the information from your own computer at home, or on the road, via a password protected, easy-to-use control panel. Or, if you are away from any computer, but need an update, telephone your personal copilot and he will gladly update your site for you.

Even if you are not interested in updating your data yourself, you may be interested in using these dynamic features, because many of them operate by autoPILOT.

For example, your performance listing is sorted every time a site visitor sees it, so your next show is always at the top of the list. Past shows are either moved to another location or deleted entirely, as you wish.

A marquee on your home page can automatically display your next shows.

The Effective-Date Announcement is posted and then hidden on the exact dates you specify... automatically, no need to try and remember to update your announcement on time!

All Dynamic Content Features are integrated into and styled for your specific site. Unlike on MySpace, your site will look like you, and everyone can view all the content without having to becoming a member. Plus, additional custom items can be added.

You may have these dynamic features adapted to your specific use:

  • Performance Schedule (one style for musicians; one for venues.)
  • Personal Blog or Travel Diary
  • News/Announcements Page
  • Effective-Date Announcement Banner
  • Mailing List
  • Scrapbook/Photo Pages
  • Text Areas and Freeform Pages
  • Online Store (using PayPal Shopping Cart)
  • Custom Features Available - just ask.
  • More features to come

Actual Client Comments:

"I used the "copilot" and it is FANTASTIC!! Wow how easy can it get.
No problems at all in adding photos to galleries and editing the descriptions."

"How COOL!!"

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Note: websiteCOPILOT(SM) is premium service only available to clients hosting their web sites through austin78704.com (SM).

websiteCOPILOT can be integrated into new sites, sites previously designed by Bill Groll, and in many cases your current site can be adapted to websiteCOPILOT technology regardless of who originally created it.

websiteCOPILOT and austin78704 are Service Marks of William K. Groll

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